Center for Special Needs Children

Exceptional Opportunity to JV with us or – as an investor,  triple your investment in 5 years by supporting medically fragile children in this Skilled Pediatric Facility in Las Vegas!

Please help us with our final stage of fundraising for pre-opening expenses!

15% of children born in the U.S. each year are born with a disability.  5% are medically fragile. The need for specialized long-term care for our most vulnerable pediatric patients has never been greater.

Right now, across the country, there are thousands of medically fragile children who desperately need-around-the-clock nursing but have nowhere to receive it.
In a recent survey, 72% of existing Skilled Pediatric Facilities reported turning children away. The waiting list in some cases can be months.
New skilled pediatric facilities, like the CSNC facility currently under construction as a build-to-suit in Las Vegas address a major unmet healthcare need while also offering investors a profitable niche with a virtually guaranteed customer base and above average earnings.
AS A JOINT VENTURE PARTNER, JV with Us!  Tohelp  fulfill our mission, we are inviting like-minded partners wishing to grow with us.
 If you represent a skilled nursing or pediatric facility focused on expansion in the Southwest, and are considering Las Vegas, a joint venture with our state-of-the-art facility under final construction, could be a win-win.
By combining your operational expertise with our clinical programs and experience serving children, together we can reach more special need kids in need while also achieving sustainable growth and above average profit.
Contact us. Let’s discuss how we might create a mutually beneficial partnership for a small investment that enhances services for families, increases opportunities for your company, and make the Las Vegas area a model for inclusive, compassionate care.  Contact us today to explore the possibilities! Fred Schultz (702) 493-3880
AS AN INVESTOR, Triple your investment! This is an exciting opportunity for smart investors who not only want an excellent return on their investment, but want to provide needed support for children with complex developmental disabilities Final preopening investment  

Contact us today for more information.

growth of demand for skilled pediatric services   Market Need For Skilled Pediatric Facilities

A child is considered medically fragile when they have one or more chronic, significant health conditions. 
These are children who need daily intervention, just for everyday living. 
They are not sick or needing a hospital stay, they just require a high level of skilled care in order to function.



Taking care of a fragile, medically disabled child many times requires special equipment such as ventalators or 24 hour care to stay alive.
Las Vegas’s population of 2.4 million means by national average, 5% of the 25, 000 babies born yearly will have a medical disability, many are Chronic.

The children we care for at the “Center for Special Needs Children” face immense medical challenges, often managing numerous complex conditions requiring around the clock monitoring and support.  Our nursing staff must work tirelessly to deliver hyper-personalized care without pause, tailoring their efforts completely to the intricate and ever changing situation of the fragile children under their care.


To address this critical need, we have under construction, at 6070 W Post Road in SE Las Vegas, a state-of-the-art, 60 bed Skilled Pediatric Facility.

This is the first of its kind, state-of-the-art pediatric facility in Las Vegas, built from the ground up and scheduled to open 4th Quarter of 2024.

Consider investing or becoming a JV partner in the Center. Final round of investment is $3.5M for  pre-opening expenses. Contact us for an investment package including proforma

JV or invest in the “For-profit Center” for an above average return”

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Center For Special Needs Children

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